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What Sets Us Apart

We believe good design is a key ingredient in every home. We achieve this by mixing fresh design elements with timeless pieces, adding cozy layers and unique accents to give texture and dimension. With 25,000 square feet of warehouse inventory, in-house movers and an experienced design team, we have flexibility in our schedule, a constantly rotating inventory and a streamlined process to meet every property’s needs.

Meet the Team


Hannah, Owner/Designer

Hannah Blackwelder has always been passionate about design and people. With small town Florida roots, She moved to the Bay Area in 2016 to work with a top local staging company, Pauline Pearsall.


During that time, she learned the business inside and out, developed lasting relationships with local listing agents and staged over 3,000 homes in the Bay Area. In 2020, she founded Tangerine Staging to offer her take on fresh, clean design. 


Nancy, Design Director

Nancy grew up in New Hampshire and relocated to the Bay Area from Boston in 2010. She has a natural eye for design and has been in the furniture and design world since 2000 and staging since 2015.


"I am inspired by all things visual. It could be nature, flipping through a magazine, fashion, or a piece of art. There is so much I enjoy about working at Tangerine Staging. The ability to create beautiful spaces everyday, working with our amazing team, and building lasting relationships with our clients."


Trina, Senior Designer

Originally from Seattle, Trina is a master home renovator/DIYer.


"I love transforming a house in 1-2 days. I’m driven by the want/need to make people happy and satisfied. I completely understand that prepping a house for sale is an emotional experience and considering it is typically one’s largest asset, I’m all in when selecting finishes and furnishing for their home. It’s my to goal to make sure that my staging is aligned with the listing agent's marketing plan."

Catherineheadshotstangerinestagingbayarea-3154 (2).jpg

Catherine, Client Manager

From Bristol, United Kingdom, Catherine is the first point of contact for the company. She handles scheduling bids, staging and staging removal, proposals, invoices, contracts, and so much more. Catherine keeps our company running smoothly and takes care of everything admin for the company.


"I'm very detail oriented and slightly neurotic about organization which for once has proven useful in my job!  I aim to keep both our clients AND our crew happy with the schedule. Also I adore the feedback from happy clients and realtors. Keep telling me how awesome our staging is and how timely my bids are please and thank you. ;)"


Meg, Marketing

Another fellow Floridian, Meg and now lives in the East Bay. She takes care of all things marketing including social media and the website. With a BA in Public Relations and over 8 years of experience, Meg ensures we stand out in way that hasn't been seen before in the industry.

"Marketing excites me. I love creating beautiful content, researching the latest trends, understanding social media algorithm changes, studying the ins and outs of marketing software, and everything in between. Hannah has curated an incredible staging company and I love highlighting all of the beauty she and her team creates!"


Liz, Inventory

An East Bay native, Liz is one of our creative geniuses! Whether at our warehouse or at a property, Liz keeps us organized so everyone can find what they're looking for before and during a staging.


"I'm inspired by the creative process and how quickly an empty room can be transformed. Like a blank canvas, I'm always in awe of the journey of any work of art, from start to finish. I also like to see and hear potential buyers inspired by our vision of their new homes."

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